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Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Regular eye exams are fundamental in maintaining the health of your eyes. Our expert opthamologists and optometrists provide thorough assessments to ensure your vision remains sharp and your eyes stay healthy.

Highly Trained Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, Extensive Exams, and Cutting-Edge Technological Equipment

Part of keeping healthy involves having your eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist. Doctors Talansky, Turtel, Pardon, Chiang, Patel, Jasmeeta, and Roman are board-certified and trained at some of the world’s finest institutions for eye care.

Our eye examinations are comprehensive. We perform a refraction to determine if you need glasses or if your current eyeglass prescription is appropriate. We also do a detailed health evaluation of every part of the eye. We look for glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases, diabetic eye problems, muscle problems, and eyelid disorders. We also investigate your eyes’ possible involvement in diseases that affect other parts of the body.
We incorporate the best technological equipment in our examinations, including a wide array of diagnostic instruments. We have the latest computerized visual field-testing devices, the newest optical coherence tomography for our glaucoma and retinal evaluations, and computerized topographic scanners for refractive surgery and diagnosing corneal diseases. Several of our examining rooms are specifically designed for the comprehensive evaluation of children’s eye problems, including crossed eye and other muscle disorders.

From a therapeutic standpoint, our office is equipped with lasers to treat retinal problems such as diabetic retinopathy and retinal tears, glaucoma management, and the painless removal of cloudy membranes that sometimes occur after cataract surgery. Many minor surgical problems can also be treated within our office and without a hospital visit.

High-level quality examinations take time. For this reason, we ask that you please allow two hours at the office if you are having a complete exam.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any further questions about eye exams you can simply call us and speak with a doctor. Or you can come in for a free consultation.

Patient Education

Your eye health is as important to us as it is to you. We want you to understand everything about your eyes, including at-home eye care, diagnoses, and treatment options. We’ve created this blog to ensure you have all the information you need.
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